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About John Debellis

Sharon and Me

John originally started his descent into helplessness as a stand-up comic before turning to writing because he needed another way to express his depression. He wrote jokes for the likes of Rodney Dangerfield, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Gabe Kaplan, Elayne Boozler, Billy Crystal, and Joe Piscopo before joining the writing staffs of “Saturday Night Live,” “The Tonight Show,” and “Politically Incorrect.” He was the head writer for critically acclaimed D.C. Follies and has written for sitcoms so bad, to this day, he’s too embarrassed to cash the checks. He was, however, the supervising producer of the ACE Award winning “Joe Piscopo Special” on HBO and also produced what the competing networks, said was the best special ever done about stand-up comedy, “Comedy Club Super Stars” on ABC.

In recent years John wrote and directed, “The Last Request,” a feature film starring Danny Aiello and T.R.Knight, due in the theaters sometime before his next reincarnation. John considers himself very sexy for a writer/stand-up comic; he wears no underwear under his underwear. He currently lives with his dog and cat in New Jersey, but soon plans on moving out of the kennel. John is managed by Barry Bookin, e-mail:, phone: 818.999-0622.

Here’s some of John’s work:

Here’s some of John’s articles:

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